Bishop's Episcopal Coat of Arms

It's been a while since I originally joined this blog and produced my first post, a lot longer than I anticipated! However I can joyfully share with you a recent work that I had the privilege of executing. I recently had the pleasure and blessing of collaborating with the Studio of John the Baptist, here in Auckland, New Zealand, in illustrating the coat of arms for the new Bishop of Palmerston North, Coadjutor Bishop Charles Drennan. Above is his Episcopal Coat of Arms.

Bishop Drennan originates from Christchurch which has been enduring a series of earthquakes over the last 18 months, the worst which severely damaged the Christchurch Catholic Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament. One of the most prominent stained glass windows was of the pelican shedding its blood for its young, and I was asked to reproduce the same pelican in his coat of arms. Instead of the cygnets, the baptismal scallop shells were introduced and these represent the 4 areas of his diocese. The doves are an element taken from Bishop Drennan's family coat of arms. The motto "Caritas Congaudet Veritati" translates to "love rejoices in truth", which I believe he has taken from St Augustine. Created as vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator.

I hope to be a bit more regular with my contributions here. In the time that's passed I have been studying iconography and learning to write icons in the traditional method, and hope to share these as well as other art of a Catholic nature.

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