Retired Palette

Here's an interesting idea for an old painting palette.  I'm planning on making a support behind so I can mount it on the wall.


Saint Rose Duchesne Mini Book

Hi! I'm new to the Catholic Illustrators Guild, and excited to be here!  I draw coloring pages and create coloring crafts for Catholic kids.  I also illustrate for blogs like Catholic Icing, Catholic Schoolhouse and Celebrating Holidays.  I recently posted a Free Rose Duchesne Mini Book on my site: www.drawn2bcreative.blogspot.com

Check out my site and if you find yourself in need of a coloring page or cartoon illustrations, get in touch with me at drawn2bcreative@gmail.com.
Thanks and God Bless!


Call for Artists

It's short notice, but those of you in the NYC area may be interested in submitting work:
Calling all artists, professional and amateur alike, to express and share their faith through art by participating in an exhibit under the theme: "Varying Paths of Faith" The exhibit is sponsored by St. Rose of Lima parish, Brooklyn, and deadline for submission is Novembr 7. Exhibit opening will be on November. 16. For more information visitstroseoflimabrooklyn.com or call the rectory at 718-434-8040.


Asia Bibi sentenced to hang


Ven. Pius XII

"Venerable Pius XII" Gwyneth Holston. Oil on Canvas. 2014
Inspired by the painting by Carlos Baca Flor


The Road to Walsingham

I recently did a banner, above, and a cover image, below, for the Road to Walsingham podcasts of the various interesting lectures given at Our Lady of Walsingham Church, my old parish and the seat of the US Anglican Ordinariate.


Mary & Joseph

"Mary and Joseph".  Oct. 2014.  Pencil, acrylic, ink and slight digital rendering.


New member. Pope's Angelus

This is my first post here. My name is Tomas and I'm from Spain, but now I'm living in Slovenia. I'm married and have a daughter.
I draw cartoons now and then for catholic media. Each week, I also draw about the Pope's Angelus. Here is one example.

In the past, I've neved paid any attention to the Pope's Angelus. However, I realize now to what extent is important for the world and for us, christians: once a week, the pope puts the thermometer to the world and proposes remedies for the evils in the world and the weakness in each of us. I wish his words would reach more people. In that sense, I think the strip is in the good track and it helps to create interest in the Pope's words.


Tulip + ballerina

This past year was my busiest year in medical school. Every time work seemed impossible, I would turn to the acryclic and canvas (after, obviously, the sacraments and prayer). The result:

I was trying for this effect, and I learned a lot as I went.


Thérèse of Lisieux and a Comic

Modern inventions like eyeglasses help humans and angels while on earth... on the other hand, it is nice to have a few weirdos weeded out from the gene pool.

My kids and I started Angelic Twaddle™, a comic adventure blog a few years ago and it keeps getting steady traffic.

One of our favorite Saints in our household. Pencil on paper, 8" x 10".


Saint Francis

A few days before his feast day. Icon of Saint Francis commissioned by the Franciscan Monastery, Washington D.C.


The Way of Beauty

I have been following the blog of Iconographer David Clayton: The Way of Beauty.

Here is a recent post which I found very interesting.

Why the JPII’s Theology of the Body says that Nude Figure Drawing is a Bad Thing



Saint Wenceslaus

An updated version of an earlier piece. Pen & Ink, private collection.


Greetings ladies & gents.
Here are a few samples of recent projects of mine.

1.  Designed a set of altar rails, with helpful adjustments by the carpenter, Toan Tieu.  The stained glass windows feature biblical scenes in the foreground and San Francisco architectural landmarks in the distance.  And so, for four painted panels inserted in the design, I featured the four Gospel writers in the natural Bay Area landscape.
Woodwork: Oak. Painted panels: Acrylic and gold leaf on linen, mounted behind glass.

2.  A few pages from Catholic Churches Big and Small.  Acrylic, colored pencil and ink on paper.

3.  An illustration for an essay on prison ministry - from the book The Jesuit Post, an anthology of Jesuit writing on culture, politics and religion.  Ink and acrylic on paper.

And much, much more at:

Stefan Salinas