Lives of the Saints (and people who lived saintly lives) #9 is out now!
It's about St. Anthony of the desert! It utilizes some crazy scenes! It is for you and everyone you love!
Just in time for Christmas!
32 pages, color cover, only 4 bucks! What a deal!
Get it at Tautkus Studio.com !

Here's a preview:
 photo lives10preview_zpsjhnetbjt.jpg

St Anthony of the desert and his time in the tombs.

 photo lives10prveview01_zpspluyoydu.jpg  photo lives10preview02_zps5yhvhuwr.jpg  photo lives10preview03_zpsdmxjnpsn.jpg  photo lives10preview04_zpsjjufmui2.jpg  photo lives10preview05_zpslp1m5vom.jpg  photo lives10preview06_zpstxtira9s.jpg  photo lives10preview07_zpswbznij91.jpg  photo lives10preview08_zps8izlwz6u.jpg  photo lives10preview09_zpsn4viztsp.jpg

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