Finished Art

Here is the finished art from the previous post. In response to "Anonymous" regarding that post, Eve is behind Adam on the left. Here is the full description for this illustration:

This illustration celebrates Easter in a style blended from two ancient art forms: iconography and pysanki.

The central image shows Christ descending into hell, preaching the Gospel, and raising the righteous souls into heaven. The Old Testament referred to the home of the dead as ‘hell’ because they were deprived of the vision of God. Until Christ redeemed us, all departed souls, good or evil, shared this fate. (CCC 633) Jesus descended to hell to free the just who had gone before him. The holy souls pictured represent all the souls throughout time who shared in the redemption. On the left Jesus is lifting Adam from the grave with Eve, Able, and all the just that came after the fall. To the right are those who led the way to Christ: the kings and prophets; John the Baptist, David, Solomon, and so forth. The risen Christ holds ‘the keys of Death and Hades’. (CCC 486) This is depicted below Jesus’ feet with a vision of the gates of hell broken down and the key and lock broken away.

Behind Jesus is an aura of glory. It is in the shape of an egg, symbolizing the new life of Resurrection. Since pagan times, decorated eggs, or pysanki, have symbolized nature’s rebirth in the spring. When the Polish and Ukrainian people converted to Christianity, they incorporated this ancient tradition into their Easter celebration, adjusting their symbolism to reflect the truth of the Resurrection. Each decorative element on such eggs has a symbolic meaning. These elements can be geometric or primitive forms from nature. They might be signs from the heavens or everyday tools. The eggs in this illustration symbolize the Tree of Life and the Church and Eucharist. One of the geometric forms shown is the spiral, symbol of the mystery of life and death, as well as divinity and immortality. Also shown are eternity bands, patterns that encircle the egg, to show eternal life. Decorating the top of the illustration are peacocks, an ancient symbol of the Resurrection and immortality.


Abigail said...

Very, very nice. I really like the pysanki at the base.

catholicandgop said...

Really beautiful.

Ben Hatke said...

Hey, this turned out really fine. It's always good to compare the sketch with the final.

Often times, I find that my rough sketches have a vibrancy that I fail to attain in the final illustration, but you don't seem to have that problem at all.