Mt. Rushmore?

Last week we visited Mt. Rushmore. It was of course very neat, very artistic, and I tried to draw it. My attempt barely resembles the actual monument as you can see for yourself. But I guess a sketchbook is not a common sight there, for despite the pathetic appereance of the sketch, many people made very nice comments on it, and I saw a number of parents pointing it out to their kids, "look she's drawing it!" So the moral of this story is if you ever go to Mt. Rushmore, bring a sketchpad, everyone will love it.


Ben Hatke said...

Ha! I know what you mean, Rea. Bringing a sketchbook to a publis place can really draw attention. I try to be descreet, but you almos always end up with one r two people lookng over your shoulder.

Well, I;m also thrilled that you are drawing from life. Hooray for art adventures! I would sugges watching your values (ie: are GW's eyes really that dark in comparison to the shadow under his jaw?) and also I'd try to break the drawing down to general shapes of light and shadow. Sculpture is good for this excersize.

Good stuff!

Ria said...

Thanks a bunch for the suggestions!