This is Dashabooja, my latest game.

Dashabooja is a fun casual game of chance, which combines the experience of poker with that of a slot machine. It is also the biggest, most complicated Flash project I have ever attempted.

The main character is this ten-armed brass statue, The Dashabooja. (The word means 'ten arms' in Sanskrit.) Drawing and animating this contraption was the work of a month or two. Then, of course, I just had to draw all the other stuff: the backgrounds, the cards, the buttons, and so forth. The amazing music is by composer Rob Gironda. The lyrics are all in Sanskrit. (I do believe I am the only game developer in Oklahoma City making games in Sanskrit.)

But even more than the game, y'all should enjoy the "Legend"!

The Legend of Dashabooja
The "Legend of Dashabooja" is the account of the Dashabooja's amazing discovery in India, its unveiling in London in 1851, its squalid career as an American carnival attraction, and its mysterious disappearance. A fascinating story for the student or casual reader, with many rare images, some never before published!

Play Dashabooja at gleeson.us/dashabooja.


Herreid said...

Wow--you've really gotten good with flash!

Sean Gleeson said...

Thanks! (Better perhaps to say, "Flash has really gotten better at enabling your talent.")