Feedback on Quoth the Maven

If I could ask for feedback ... this is a new blog heading I've been working on for a friend who has a blog. What do you think of the design? I've been tweaking it until I think it's *almost* perfect. Any blind spots I am missing?
(I am trying to make this bigger but for some reason it keeps shrinking when I upload it -- you can read the font better when it is bigger)


theobear said...

I like it overall. I would get rid of the emboss effect on the type. Change the color of "Quoth" and "Maven" to white (or the light green from the right side)... I would track the text a bit tighter on the right block (and on "the blog of") and make that text quite a bit smaller.

theobear said...

(I mean the text on the right hand side.... the "the blog of" text size is good as is.)

regina doman said...

Thanks Ted!
Problem is, when I make that text smaller, you can't read it. It's an Oz text from Fontcraft and I and the blog author really like it.

Abigail said...

Looks nice!

I'd agree with getting rid of the emboss only because it's a great font and stands well on its own.

I wonder if you could try setting the right-hand type in a different typeface, maybe a serif one? I think it could shrink up a bit that way and keep the legibility better.