House Art Journal

Here's what I've been up to. It's a little blog about how (busy moms and dads) can make their houses their "art." I got the inspiration from another Catholic artist friend of mine, who when she became a mom, sort of let her "career" go by the wayside (she's one of those people who can't do two things at once -- her gift is for doing one thing very well) in order to devote herself to her house and children. But since she's an artist, her house blossomed under an artist's care, and her children have all turned into budding artists!

She is the first Catholic artist I ever met, and the one who introduced me to Willliam Morris, Stickley furniture, the Arts and Crafts movement, and too many things to mention that are very, very cool. If I could, I would post pictures of her house, (and maybe someday I will) but in the interim, I'm posting about how I applied her ideas (essentially).

She would be embarrassed if she knew I was giving her credit like this. :)

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One of my new favorite-est blogs to visit!