Here's something I've been working on recently. I did two versions of this (the other one is a girl in more modern clothing), but have a soft spot for this girl's victorian outfit.


Ben said...


This i really cute, Abigail! Most of the little girls around here actually do dress like that, but i'd be interested to see the more modern clothes.

This would make a great children's book illustration.

theobear said...

I love this. beautiful line work and shading. what tools did you use?

Abigail said...


The second version is actually going to be running in an upcomming issue of the SCBWI newsletter. As soon as it comes out, I'll post the other one.

I used a couple different pencils on this - I worked up from a really light outline to darker.

John Herreid said...

Your stuff is getting better and better!

Ben said...

That puppet makes a fantastic avatar!

Ben said...

Abigail, my wife noticed this one on Smallpax and commented to me how much she liked it.