St. Vincent Ferrer and the payment

I was trying to work on a set pallete for these St. Vincent Ferrer comics and found out that that's not the greatest idea. So now I'm just using whatever works best. Here's the latest result: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Cassandra said...

Your comic is contrary to Catholic teaching and a perversion of the original story.

Imperfect contrition is sufficient in the sacrament of reconciliation, and a good confession would have been sufficient. Perfect contrition is only necessary when the sacrament is not available.

It was the *sinner's* fear of his own tardy remorse, imperfect contrition, and absence penance that led the *sinner* to ask of St. Ferrer his earned merits. It was not St. Ferrer's judgment of the man that moved St. Ferrer to make out that document.

You've completely destroyed Catholic teaching on the Sacrament.

George Tautkus said...

Your words are very strong.

It turns out you're right. I'll have to change it around when I get a chance. I simply read the words in my source wrong. I wasn't trying to destroy Catholic teaching on the Sacrament.

I encourage you to comment with more charity next time.