Cover for Manga on Benedict XVI

Greetings Smallpaxers!  I'm normally just a writer who dabbles in art, but I just had to share the cover of a manga comic I was asked to write on Pope Benedict XVI, which was done by the magnificently talented manga artist Sean Lam.  I believe this is the final proof.  Since manga is oriented from right to left instead of left to right (the books are "read backwards," according to Western readers) note that the artist is directing the reader's eye to the left side of the page, where the book would open.

Hopefully the book will be released in September or October.  They're redoing the website at www.mangahero.com.

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Vicki said...

You mean the comic book will be written in Japanese? It wouldn't make sense to write it from right to left for Westerners who read the other way around.
There IS manga that is written for the Western market, in the Western style, left to right...
In any case, leave it to the Japanese to be the first to do a comic book about Benedict XVI!