Hi I'm a newbie here and so grateful to have found this blog.

My name is Gina. I spent a few days perusing some incredible websites from this blog, and am overwhelmed. It's heartening to know there are Catholics out there who love and create art that is beautiful.

When I was young, I dreamed of painting in Churches. I started studying art in college but marriage to a military man changed that course. Between moves and raising our little family, I continued to take studio classes and dream. After our boys were in college, I switched from art and graduated with a degree in Theology. I'm not painting in churches like my childhood dreams, but my work does revolve around religious themes, often at the request of one of our priests. I am currently working on a series of 16 plaques of Dominican Saints for the convent at our elementary school.

Here are a few samples. St. Peter is a drawing. The Blessed Mother is painted acrylic glazes. The last is our son, Nick, done in encaustic, a medium that I just started to play with and really love...


Fr Matthew Green said...

Beautiful work!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Very Cool! Welcome!

Vicki said...

Oh Gina, your work is lovely!
I especially like the drawing of Peter; he looks gentle and a little shy. It's a different look from most pictures of him. He always has keys; is the rooster a common identifier also? If it's not usual, it certainly leaves no doubt!

Elaine said...

Your portrait of St. Peter shows exactly the kind of self-doubt and introspection that I always imagine him to have when I read about him in the gospels. I guess it would be the "young peter" version.

The encaustic is amazing!