Little Zita with a Cat (morning drawing)

I've found a set of materials that I really like working drawing with. I thought I'd take a moment to share. The drawing below was done on Strathmore (400) paper with a .01 Sepia colored Micron pen over a light 4h pencil sketch and a little wash of watered down Walnut ink.

The Strathmore paper has been, for a long time, my favorite all purpose sketchbook material. I buy pads of various sized and try to carry one with me wherever I go. They aren't as "cool" as the moleskin sketchbooks that are so popular, but it's good paper.

4H pencils have very hard lead and leave a very light line. Perfect for underdrawings. Because of the hard lead they last FOREVER.

Micron pens have long been popular with illustrators and comics people. The .01 sepia pen is a good compromise if you want to have a sort of "old masters" look to your drawing, but don't want to carry a dip pen and bottle in your bag.

Walnut ink, also recommended by JR Howley is good ink with a great color. It works well as a was, or as a drawing ink.


Anthony VanArsdale said...

your line work always has such a wonderful flow to it... great job, Ben!

J.R.Howley said...

Ben- nice line work- and very good drawing. That stratmore paper you are talking about is great. I prefer it over molskine overall and a heck of a lot cheaper.

I'll need to get one of those pens your talking about.I like the look.

Sophie said...

Where do you get your sepia Micron pens? I like that look too.

Ben Hatke said...

I used to drive to an art store about half an hour away. But they stopped carrying the strathmore sketchbooks.

Now I get most of this stuff from Dick Blick. (the website) It's also cheaper!

theodore said...

Love this Ben!