Last Judgment Drawing

This black ink drawing of the Last Judgment is one of the largest works that I have created on speculation in recent years. It includes figures of David and the Sibyl, and the 15 signs of the end of the world. Please visit this page to see larger images, and to read a detailed description of its content and symbolism.


The drawing measures 12" x 9", centered on a 14" x 11" piece of Bristol board. I have not yet decided whether to issue a limited-edition print of it.


Herreid said...

Very beautiful.

Jason Tako said...


Anthony VanArsdale said...

Beautifully detailed!

theodore said...

This is very impressive. Do you think you can share some of your process... do you have any initial sketches for this or do you just work out the piece on the final board?

Daniel Mitsui said...


It's one of my peculiarities that I never make preparatory sketches, unless requested to do so.

My process, briefly put:

1) Research: find various historical sources on which to base the drawing.

2) Map out the borders and different sections of the drawing on the paper.

3) Lettering

4) Ornament

5) Figures/main image. I sketch these in pencil (on the final board) first, make corrections, and then ink.

Kevin said...

Very nice piece. Love your work! Welcome to Smallpax, Daniel. :o)