Pen and ink drawing of friars

Hello. I Just recently I joined the Catholic Illustrator's Guild
Blog. I am inspired by all the the artists I see posting here.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this great community. 
Here are a few pen and ink studies I did of some Capuchin 
Franciscan Friars. 


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the guild J.R.!!

I love your pen and ink drawings - what kind of material did you draw on?

I myself have been invited to join but as yet, have not had a chance to put any works up.

Enjoy scouting the rest of the site and keeping posting your work ( says the hypocrite) :)

Ben Hatke said...

Oh man, fantastic! Nice ink and loose expressive lines.

J.R.Howley said...

Hello- I never realized anyone commented until today! sorry I didn't respond sooner. The paper on which you see this sketch done is a heavy 'Rag' paper from a sketchbook from (India) I believe. There are not a lot of sheets in it as the paper is very heavy and full of all sorts of little artifacts (some good, some not). The ink is a brand called Francesco Rubinato, Sepia in color. Thank you for your kind comment. I shall gladly put up some more drawings.