Chesterton and His Detective

Just a little spot illustrations for an Australian periodical called The Record. It's G. K. Chesterton and Father Brown. It's funny, after doing so many similar pictures for Gilbert Magazine, drawing these two was like visiting old friends:


Dr. Thursday said...

Amazing - I was just struck by another image, a slight variant of this one, of Father Brown putting ashes on GKC's forehead. I think that would make a very stimulating and meditative picture.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I think Dale should send out his henchmen and kidnap you and only release you when you've drawn the rest of the fr. b corpus.

Watch yourself... you never know when the ACS thugs will show up. (queue evil laughter)


J.R.Howley said...

A 'cartoon' illustration always fascinates me. My guess is that it probaly is one of the hardest art forms to conquer because of it's 'complex-simplicity'. It takes a keen mind and a talented hand to show only what is necessary to convey the point. Your drawing of Chesterton and Fr.Brown is charming.

Ben Hatke said...

Wow, thanks. There is, in cartoon-type illustrating, something similar to arts like calligraphy. In reducing things to only essential lines those lines will fall under more scrutiny.