Murals by Jericho

Great article in the National Catholic Register, featuring Andrew Hattermann and Robert Hill of Murals by Jericho.
They have some interesting things to say about what is an essentially illustrative art.

“The more realistic and representational it is, the larger amount of people will respond to that work,”

“Being at prayer while you are painting inspires the works,” he explains. “We’re concentrating and focusing on a sacred image or aspect of Scripture, and it gives us a lot of time while working on that specific scene or studying a specific saint to contemplate the lives of saints or the scene being portrayed.”

“To do this kind of work and have it affect people and us in the way it has gives a real meaning to the work. It helps to build peoples’ faith, opening their eyes to the mysteries. It has also opened our eyes.”


Lawrence Klimecki said...

I especially like the way they were "discovered."

PaperSmyth said...

Oh, those are just unbelievable. So classic. Such rich color. Thanks for sharing.