Saintos joins the Guild

A word of thanks to Theodore for the opportunity to be a part of this blog.

I grew up essentially a good moral pagan. The prayers of my paternal grandmother, a "crotchety old Methodist" - in her own words - had a great deal to do with my coming to Christ at age 19. I'm a high school drop out (promise not to tell your kids or youth group or my clients) who worked in a number of art studios in Toronto Ontario and surrounding area until I got married and got "called to Bible college." 

Fast track to August 2005 and you'd find me quitting my final gig as a Protestant minister after 18 years spent mostly but not exclusively with a large Pentecostal denomination. Why? Because I was in the horridly wonderful throws of conversion to the Catholic Church. Warning, don't want to have to become Catholic? Don't read the early Church Fathers, that bunch'll get you 9 times out of 8.

Since then I've been un to under employed as is the way with many of us non Anglican ex ordained types. Believe me, we are legion - Mary Help of Christians help us for crying out loud. Right, well, I returned to art, making some but not a lot (emphasis on not a lot) of money that way and most recently have been hired as a part time adult catechist and continue to make art. Even more recently I began a comic (as in always illustrated if not always LOL or ROFLOL funny) diary about life as a Catholic convert.

I've followed this blog for some time, never commented and always felt humbled and too whatever to dare to be a part; some of the work is mighty impressive. My friend Timber Jumper told me to take a flying leap, I think he was being kind, and I decided to see if I might be able to become a member. Here I am - hey, don't blame me, blame Theodore ;-)

Here's a peek at today's spread:


Herreid said...

Very nice! Are you sketching these with brush pen or something?

saintos said...

Yes, Herreid, that's it exactly. I'm using the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. You can also see it at work here

Ben Hatke said...

Welcome aboard, Owen! Glad to see you here and thanks for posting!

DN (aka BloodyPapist) said...

I've followed Owen since he was just ankle-deep in the Tiber. His work is consistently free and inventive--I've particularly been a fan of his less strictly but still-figurative work.

Very glad to see you here now, Owen!

Are you still doing http://onionboy.ca/blogofo/ ? I didn't know about http://drawntocatholicism.com/blog/ until just now, actually.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey this is great Owen! welcome! can't wait to see more