Maria Goretti illustration 2

Here is the second illustration. As you can see it is Maria on her death bed. The quotes are from the story. I was having a difficult time on the layout of the text at the top. I changed to a different font (I am not sure if this a no-no). I still have not made the changes in the first illustration, but when i do I will let you all know. Thanks so much for the encouragment and advice - I really appreciate it!


Jennifer Gladen said...


Ben Hatke said...

Wow, a second fantastic illustration! You are definitely talented when it comes to showing figures in pen and ink. And you're doing a marvelous job with hair. I fully appreciate how difficult the hairline of the kneeling woman must have been.

As for type -keep experimenting with it. It's easy to underestimate how much practice it takes to get good at working with typefaces. You've got to close that gap in "Virgin."

Sophie said...

Beautiful once again. I think the different typeface is ok since it is her thoughts or speech..but it is a bit small. That and its slant make it a little harder to read.

theodore said...

The figures and frame are perfect. bravo.

I would use the same font for the text above as what you have at the bottom. Maybe you could break each in to two lines



as it is the type looks like an after thought.

Herreid said...

Very nice.

Ditto on Ted and Ben's comments about type.

Kevin said...

You do a wonderful job with dramatic presentation! Your illustration is beautiful. Consider this technical point though: Saint Maria Goretti died at age 11. The girl on the bed looks to be an adult or older teen. Can you make her look more childlike?

MK said...

Thanks for the pointers on the text and the age consideration. I will play around with the text and do a bit of experiementing on her face. Yes, Ben - I can't believe I did not see that gap before - certainly must be fixed. Since maria's face is turned away from the viewer and I have mostly the jaw and cheek area to work with it is going to be interesting to find what should be 'tweaked' to make her look younger... this is why artists use models I think (lol. Thanks again so much!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Beautiful Illustration! perhaps you can shorten her arm a bit by bringing up the joint of her arm - that might make her proportions more like a child's.

Love the detail!

Tommy said...

I like the repetition of the window/light/grace feeling in both images.