Manalive, the audio book

A while back I designed the poster for an upcoming film adaptation of G.K. Chesterton's novel, Manalive. One of the stars of the movie, Kevin O'Brien, did a dramatic reading of the text which will be coming out soon. Here's the mockup (note that I had the name wrong--Dale Ahlquist.) A pivotal scene in the book involves a revolver, and it opens with a large man scrambling after his white panama hat through London.

The London houses here were inspired by a book on early 20th century London that I picked up at a used bookstore a few years ago.

Pen and ink, colored in Photoshop. Also posted at my blog.


theodore said...

John, This is great. Perfect. LOVE the lettering.

What is funny is, whilst I was poking about the internet last night I thought to myself, "I wonder where Mr. Herreid has got too... his blog seems to be dead." I'm pleased to see that you're back in the blogland.

Ben Hatke said...

Me too. Pleased to see you're back on the internet.

And this is great! Originally I thought that perhaps it would all hang together better if the hate were blowing in the same direction that the gun was pointing.

Does that make sense?

Herreid said...


Ben--that's an idea. I drew this in four pieces and assembled it in Photoshop, so a change would be easy. I'll try that out.

Thom said...

Very well done, John. I've always thought Manalive would make a good film.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Great poster! I love how you handled the lines and colors of the buildings.