Joe Catholic, Giovanni, Elise, and Conrad ready for adventure

Here's another shot at some action for the Joe Catholic crew. Pages 4-6 of Episode 2 are scanned but not colored yet; ah, priestly life! I did manage to draw, scan, vectorize, and color this one though. I think it captures a bit more the dynamism of the group, although in the webcomic thus far one only sees Joe and Conrad's interaction. At any rate, enjoy this little bit until I can move forward with the next page!


Tommy said...

I followed the link to the three pages available for 'episode 2.' Is there any access to the implicitly existent episode 1?

Fr. Chris Decker said...

well, episode one is still being drawn. Since it's an "origin story" I thought it better to leave it Episode 1. I was anxious to produce a story with the characters already established, so I went with "Episode 2"...In Marvel-speak, it should have been an episode zero.