Cover for Gilbert Magazine Summertime Film Festival

Thanks to John Herreid for the basic idea behind this image. I'll be posting the winners of the prizes later today.


Tommy said...

Cars first informed me of the dehumanization of machines. I would be waiting for a chance to turn onto a busy pike impatient and grumbling at the succession of not-quite-opportunities., then taking a stupid risk. I realized that the time involved was, like, 15 seconds or so. On foot a person would not even notice the delay as delay but just a continuation of process. Things that seem to make us greater than human actually make us less than human, less human.
So I am sitting at my machine and am aware that to some extent my impatience is supported by my technologized alienation from you and that my impatience may not be quite a sin, but at least is a peccadillo and I should probably restrain it.
Nonetheless - Monday you threatened to announce "later today." Um, uh... ?

theodore said...

Sorry. The judges are being pokey. I'll pester them to get me an answer.

theodore said...

THANKS so much to all who entered... I promise next year I'll give you more lead time.

1st Place Kelly Dupen for her Wall-E illustration
2nd Pace Thomas McCullough for Charlie Chaplin
3rd Pace John Herreid for Bogart

Tommy said...

Cool. Thank you. I'd've picked Kelly's, too, and Herreid's, also, except for Ostrov.
I did not originally get the sense that the illustration was for a cover. Was that always the intent?

Anonymous said...

nope. The cover wasn't in the contest. This was for interior art.