Introduction of self

I have newly joined this Guild, initially for avaricious reasons. I have enjoyed for a short time reading this blog and looking at the pictures and found that I would like to submit something to the Gilbert Magazine Summer Film Festival Contest because I wanted either The Surprise DVD or the Chesterton Watts book. So I'm starting here as on earth with original sin.
I was raised a Catholic (boot camp was my first secular schooling), then went far away and came back. Somewhere at about my greatest distance, in a conversation about a
rt and my fear of pointlessness, "There isn't much point to this if it isn't for the greater glory of God!" Or something like that.
So much of Evil is in our treating people as things, obviously. I have come to
believe that there is even something wrong with treating things like things. "The world is charged with the grandeur of God..."

It's hard to describe the spiritual satisfactions of articulating the deep detail of dead leaves. This is called "Monstrance." The world charged with the grandeur of God again.

Lately, I've been doing things cut out of 300 lb. watercolor paper.


Theodore said...

Wow, those rose windows are AMAZING. Welcome to the guild

Ben Hatke said...

Yeah, I have to echo Ted and say those cut paper windows are mind boggling!

Anonymous said...


Maggie Mayer said...

These are wonderful! Wow, the detail. Welcome Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tommy, and welcome. Your cut paper windows are truly great. If you don't mind please share with us your technique. I note that you are also a philosopher as well as an artist. Having both qualities in one person is rare. Please continue to contribute to this sketch blog.