Gilbert Magazine Summer Film Festival Art Contest

It's that time of year again, The Gilbert Magazine Summer Film Festival is in production.

Due to my absent mindedness we need artwork by the May 15. I realize this is WAY too short of a notice but I thought I would put this out and see if any of you have time to contribute.

The Movies we will be reviewing are:



City Lights

Charge of the Light Brigade (1968)

The Maltese Falcon

Bottle Shock

Blow Up (there will be 2 reviews... one panning it one extolling its virtues)

There will be prize for the 3 best entries

1st prize: The Surprise DVD
2. The book Chesterton on G. F. Watts
3. GKC Travel Mug

Submit as many entries as you would like entries will be judged by The Editors and publisher of Gilbert Magazine.



Therese said...

Just want to put in a good word for the Chesterton book on G.F. Watts--it's a real beauty, with gorgeous reproductions of Watts' art. (His breathtakingly lovely "Hope" is featured on the cover.) If I could draw more than flies, that's what I'd want.

Theodore said...

Oh, I forgot to mention a few things.... Artwork should be black/white (grayscale) at least 5"x7" @ 300 dpi and saved as a high quality jpg or a pdf.

Please let me know by May 6th if you will be able to submit a drawing--if we don't get enough interest we will cancel the contest and Dale will mail me the prizes. (ha)

Thomas said...

Summer Film Festival Art Contest?
What do you mean? A poster for the festival? A logo? Any image re: Film?
Can anyone submit or just members? (I should join, anyway.)

Theodore said...

Hello Thomas, yup it's for members, please click on the link to join.

We are looking for artwork to accompany the review for one of the movies in the list.