Project Challenge #1

Announcing the Catholic Illustrator's Guild first project Challenge:
Design and print your own Book Plate

This can be for your own library, for a client, or a more generic plate.

I like the idea of creating the book plate with a technique like wood cut, or screen printing, so that is what I will attempt to do though I may end up just printing them off the ol ink jet.

Deadline is March 2008. If we get enough interest we could print them in a book or offer sheets of them for sale.

Please post your sketches and finished book plates in this post. If you are not a member of the Guild, but would like to join, please use the link in the side bar to email us.


Abigail said...


Theodore said...

just doing some research on printing methods... this one looks intriguing.
though way to involved for my cuurent workload.