Inspiration: Ex Libris

I've been enjoying the art of Book Plates lately, particularly by artists like Daniel Mitsui (sample, sample) Mr. Mitsui's blog, btw, is a constant source of inspiration, and I've added it to the sidebar.

here are some more from around the web that I like...

Vladmir Vojvodic

Marina Tērauda [Maksutova-Ļebedeva]

Cindy Woods

Elita Viliama

Sarah and Jon


theodore said...

here is an interesting one!

Lawrence Klimecki said...

Thanks Ted, I'm a fan of bookplates too. It's a shame they are not as popular as they once were, but they are still fun to design. And Daniel Mitsui's work is great. I need to be reminded once in a while how glorious black and white art can be. Maybe we can invite him to chime in here now and then?

Theodore said...


Ben Hatke said...


thank you thank you!

Now I'm thinking of making some bookplates. I wonder if we could print up a sheet of "SmallPax bookplates" ?

It's a good Christmas project for "someday."