~two ladies~

Here are two sketches the first in pencil and the second in pastel.
Also, I would really appreciate feedback ~negative or positve...Its really nice to hear other people's suggestions or critiques :} thanks


theodore said...

I really like the second sketch. I'm not so fond of your work that has the "big-eyed" look. They DO have a certain power to them... but they are unsettling to me.

I did some quick editing to see how I would change the top lady...

I THINK the problem I have with it is the bulgieness of the eyes... so if you toned that back the lady would have more beauty but retain the other-worldliness which I think you are trying to capture. Also I would shade the neck a bit so it doesn't look like she is just s floating head in space.
Hope this helps,
Thanks for posting!

Abigail said...

Hey Lizi, I like the softness of the second image; the curve of her neck and her expression are really nice.

The top image is interesting; I can see you're trying to develop a style and that's neat. I think everything is very highly rendered though and it's throwing me a bit. The eyes are really intense; it almost seems that if some of the other elements were a bit more realistic or softer it might work but right now everything is competing. Maybe it's just a matter of stylizing some elements, but downplaying others. Modigliani's work comes to mind: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Ob368.jpg

Good work though - critiques are tough (I went to design school after Steubenville and boy, critique days could be brutal, but incredibly helpful and paradoxically I actually miss 'em now...)

Lizi said...

Wow, ok thanks both of you ! I really appreciate your comments and suggestions :]

ben Hatke said...

Good comments from Ted and Abigail. I also favor the second image. My general advice is that you should focus on correct anatomy first before you move into bending the rules (I wish I had done things in that order myself!)

But the second image is really looking good!