Twelve True Fishermen


ben Hatke said...

You've bowled me over yet again, Ted.

Can you tell us more about what this illustration is for? It really is an impressive bit of illustrating!

Nancy C. Brown said...

I love it!

Ben, in the GKChesterton story about Father Brown, called The Queer Feet, the "Twelve True Fisherman" meet once a year at a restaurant to celebrate themselves. While there this year, a crime is committed, and Father Brown must solve it by very careful use of his ears.

Ted's illustrating an adaptation of Father Brown stories for young children--and there are many people on the edge of their chairs waiting for it. Seeing this, I know the wait will be well worth it.

Great job Ted!

aheschmeyer said...

A Fr. Brown book for children! Sounds interesting. The illustration is really fun.

Anonymous said...

Great illustration! This is a fun blog, I have really enjoyed looking through all the contributions. I am an artist focusing on children's literature and I was wondering if I could join this blog? Thanks,

Darren Cools