High Rez

Hope this works! As requested ... here are links to the larger versions of two images from the last post =)

Dust Art

Ecce Agnus Dei

You might notice on the "Dust Art" image that I took the picture the day after I "sketched" the image in the dust and the moisture from the morning dew had already begun to drip down the window. Yes we had a dry spell last December (that is if I remember right).


Love2Learn Mom said...

I've been meaning to ask you - what tools did you use to "etch" the dust art?

Great to see you here, by the way. :)

mystical_rose84 said...

Mostly my fingers but also a small piece of paper rolled up to make a soft point. Great to be here =D

theodore said...

Thanks for the larger view. Nice work!
How did the auction go?