My name is Michaela though I use mysticalrose84 as my screen name. I was introduced to Small Pax through my cousin Ria and I have enjoyed reading this blog for quite awhile. I am so excited to actually be a member now! Art has always been something that I enjoy and when I took some of my first art classes a few years ago it became even more exciting and challenging. My comfort still rests in the black and white mediums but my interest has me meddling in color and a little sculpture. People and their faces are my most common subjects and more often than not these people are saints, angels, family, and friends and very often Jesus and Mary. Art has been a way for me to more intimately know that which I am drawing … it is a way to memorize to a detail something I want to remember. I am sad to say that since much of my time is allotted to graphic design for work I don’t have as much time to spare for my preferred fine art … but I am excited to be able to share with this wonderful group of artists what I am working on and I would love to have feedback! Here is a charcoal piece I created a few months ago for an auction to raise money for the monastery nearby. It took several remakes to get it to completion:
(if you would like to read in more detail about how I created it here is the link: http://echoesofcreation.blogspot.com/2006/09/it-is-finished-art-is-labor-of-love-i.html)

And just for fun here is some “dust art” that I did just for fun around last Christmas on the back of my parent's excursion - we get alot of dust in the back-roads.

Thanks again for letting me join this wonderful group! May God Bless you all!


Thom said...

Michaela, your work looks very well done. Do you have larger images of it? I'm almost dumbfounded by the dust art. That's really just dust on the rear window? It's obviously warm in December wherever you live.

theodore said...

wow! Just lovely, and I enjoyed seeing the process. I second Thom's request to see a larger image.

Ben Hatke said...

Third request for a larger image of Dust Art! Do other people do this kind of dust art? I've never heard of it before, but I too am floored by it.

mystical_rose84 said...

Thank you so much for the compliments! ... I guess you can't see me blushing (lol) I have never heard of the idea of "dust art" before and the only reason I happened upon the idea was while I was outside helping my dad with something and when I was waiting around with nothing to do I saw our back window just covered with dust but it looked like a clean slate for drawing. FYI here is the image and post my dad did of my first "dust art":


(notice the date : Jan 2006)
The one with the angel and shepards was my second ... and I think my technique improved a bit (lol).

Jef Murray said...


This is great! And I enjoyed seeing your process for the charcoal piece on your website (btw, going with the grey paper up front is always a great idea, I've found!). Wish you had a higher-res image of your charcoal piece...it looks great, but I'd love to be able to see your detail work more clearly.

Ria said...

Welcome Michaela!!!!! I'm so glad you finally joined. I think you already know that I LOVE all of your pictures, especially the two that you posted

Herreid said...

Very, very nice!

Abigail said...

Wonderful work.

And the dust art is uber-cool!