Hello and Intro

Hello I'm Ria, I'm a homeschooled highschool student, I also blog at Liber Parma and ChesterTeens and I love art. Art has always been one of my favorite pastimes but only recently I have started taking "real" art classes and have enjoyed them immensely (and look forward to more advanced classes next year). I am absolutely thrilled to be joining this blog! Thank you for letting a "student member" join. I have loved reading (and looking at) this blog in the past and find it rather hard to believe that I am posting on it now.

Although I am not satisfied with the majority of my artwork the examples you see below are two that I actually like.

This picture, of Father Karol Wojtyla, is done with a pencil, which is and has been for a long time just about my favorite medium. Recently I have been learning about and expirementing with acrylics and find them very enjoyable and easy to work with.
So thanks again for letting me join and I am very excited to post here more in the future.


Abigail said...

Another homeschooler - yay! (I was homeschooled)

Very nice work!

Lizi said...

Oh, cool I'm a homeschooled hischooler too ;}

Both pictures are really great but, I really like the pencil drawing. Beautiful shading !


Ria said...


Herreid said...

Welcome! I was also homeschooled.

You've captured the likeness of the Pope well--and that's the hardest part of drawing!