Our Lady of Fatima part 7

Here's my latest. I think this is the first part I have done without an apparition. Hopefully it holds up as well as the others. If I can manage to have as much interest as a late 1990s Rex Morgan M.D. comic, I will feel like I have done my job.
 photo olf26_zpsirdxdpua.jpg  photo olf27_zpse94lyd39.jpg  photo OLF28_zpspkbmbcs3.jpg  photo olf29_zpsxtoxktgf.jpg  photo olof30_zps5tazutda.jpg  photo olof31_zpsmca3tjj5.jpg  photo olof32_zpsvxdc5sdk.jpg  photo olof33_zpsyjyglkfe.jpg
To be continued...

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