Congratulations Ben!

So I was in Barnes and Noble shopping for Christmas and Birthday presents and came across this:

Google books has a great preview here
Not sure how I missed it but Ben announced it on his blog a few months ago.
This is awesome, congratulations Ben!


Verena Tautkus said...

This is a great book. My kids really love it. We all take turns reading a Hatke book once it it comes to our house. Even the kids that can't read demand a turn. I am happy to support a Catholic making great childrens lit.

Theodore said...

Hurrah for Hatke!
I've been listening to a new podcast he is doing with some other comics creators. http://comicsaregreat.com/category/gosa

silly fun.

Ben Hatke said...

Ha ha, Thanks so much you guys! I'm glad you're enjoying the books (and the podcast Ted -it IS very silly).