Hello again, it's been a while

Hello all, I was formerly Sonia Jackson on here, and have since gotten married, moved, changed jobs, left said job for maternity leave, and then decided to more fully embrace my calling in motherhood, and as an artist. My apologies for not having visited more often. I have since also reconnected more fully with my Catholicism, not having ever left it, but that so starkly has my relationship grown in the past five years that it is worth noting. Most of this new enthusiasm I owe to my husband, a devoted convert to the Catholic faith who is now a Catholic middle school English and Religion teacher. God placed him in my life, the answer to my prayers in so many ways, shortly after I first joined this group, and I am practically a new person since the last time you saw or heard from me.

Please enjoy visiting my website (soniajacksonsummers.weebly.com) and Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/soniajacksonsummersart, and checking out some of my recent work. This summer I completed a tryptic mural of the Apparitions an Miracles of Fatima. I have a timelapse video documenting the process as well.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading about me! If you dropped off early, I'll try to be more attention engaging next time! Less talk, more art!

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A.R. Danziger said...

My kids and I really enjoyed watching the time lapse video!