Colorful Finch Sketch

Colorful Finch Sketch
12X12 Oil on Linen

I really enjoy drawing birds, so Ill definitely be painting more of these in the future. I just started this one, Ill post more as it progresses.



Vicki said...

That is a lovely painting of a house finch. What more are you going to do with it? It looks finished to me.

Ben Hatke said...

YES! Please do post more of these.

mmatins said...

This is beautiful and your portfolio on your website is very impressive. Are you interested in illustrating a Catholic children's book focused on birds? My email is medicalmatins(at)gmx.com if you're interested. The purpose of the book is to teach through beauty, and to give a likeness of salvation history (e.g. the fall of Lucifer, the fall of our first parents, and the Redemption).