New Drawing: Mass of St. Gregory


This was commissioned as a gift for a newly ordained priest. I drew this using black technical pens and dark red, blue, green, purple and brown calligraphers’ inks applied with dip pens and brushes, on an 8" × 10 2/3" piece of calfskin vellum.

It depicts the Mass of St. Gregory, a miraculous vision of Christ surrounded by the instruments of His Passion experienced by the great Pope and Church Father. Medieval depictions of this event vary; my own composition I based on several 15th century panel paintings.

St. Gregory celebrates Mass, assisted by a deacon who holds an elevation torch and a cardinal who holds the papal crown. Christ appears standing on the paten, having stepped from the background tomb, shedding blood from the wound in His side into the chalice. I chose this arrangement to emphasize the connections between the Man of Sorrows, the Resurrection and the Holy Eucharist.

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Adalee said...

I love all of the detail & pattern displayed in your work!