My Introduction

First of all, thank you for inclusion in this artist guild. I wanted to join because of the high quality of the work I see here. I hope I can live up to that standard.

Miraculous Medal. Digital painting. 2006.

My name is David Greg Taylor.  I've worn a lot of hats in my sixty-two years, from being a cartoonist to an ice cream man (ding-ding type in a truck), and for the past twenty-three years, a teacher.

For the past year and change I've concentrated on a series of etchings I title Le Suite Gesu.  If I live long enough, it consists of 100 intaglio prints centered on the theme of Jesus and Mary.  I also do digital paintings/prints of the same subject, and watercolors of equestrian subjects (about the only non-religious work I do because horses are just too beautiful).

Here's the link to my web site:  Le Suite Gesu.

Carrying of the Cross. Pencil on paper. 9x12in. 2014

Divine Mercy. Digital print. 2015.

Scourging at the Pillar. Intaglio. 9x12in. 2014

Crowning with Thorns. Pencil on paper. 9x12in. 2014
Crowning with Thorns. Pencil on paper. 9x12in. 2014. 


Theodore said...

welcome to the blog David. Those etchings are powerful.

David Greg Taylor said...

Thank you, Theodore.

Adalee said...

That's a beautiful digital painting! So glad you have joined us.