Greetings ladies & gents.
Here are a few samples of recent projects of mine.

1.  Designed a set of altar rails, with helpful adjustments by the carpenter, Toan Tieu.  The stained glass windows feature biblical scenes in the foreground and San Francisco architectural landmarks in the distance.  And so, for four painted panels inserted in the design, I featured the four Gospel writers in the natural Bay Area landscape.
Woodwork: Oak. Painted panels: Acrylic and gold leaf on linen, mounted behind glass.

2.  A few pages from Catholic Churches Big and Small.  Acrylic, colored pencil and ink on paper.

3.  An illustration for an essay on prison ministry - from the book The Jesuit Post, an anthology of Jesuit writing on culture, politics and religion.  Ink and acrylic on paper.

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Stefan Salinas

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