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I received this email from Sara Montee:

Hello, I am in the process of developing a company called Saintly Seasons which is aimed at helping families to celebrate the Liturgical Year through simplicity, fun, and a little slice of education to round it out.  This company is in the early stages of development, but before I can proceed with other aspects of it, I need to find a good artist who understands what I am trying to achieve.

First, I need a logo for my business:  Saintly Seasons

After that I will be hoping to work with one or more artists to complete pictures of certain saints and feast days throughout the year, done to a certain dimension.  I will need to have these as images saved to my computer in high resolution, jpeg format.

In terms of style, I am looking for something simple, happy, colorful, and with understanding to the spirituality/patronage of the saint or feast day at hand.  I want it to be highly appealing to young children.  Think – coloring book pages already colored. 

If you are interested in working with me on either/both of these projects, please contact Sarah Montee at info@saintlyseasons.com

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Sarah Montee said...


This is Sarah Montee and I am hoping to stave off some frustration from the artists who I was in correspondence with in this sincere apology. I was having extreme problems with my email service (it would literally not let me type anymore in the middle of an email - this was register.com's promail service) and when I went to switch it initially, I had more problems and had to wait for more help. I should have just forwarded messages to my personal email, but I thought things would be resolved faster than they were.

The situation is now resolved, but I have lost ALL of my emails from that account and have to start over. I will look for three of the artists here who I know wrote to me, but there was another artist who had written and I cannot remember their name well enough to find them on the listing.

Please accept my most sincere apologies on this matter! And the email address is the same - info@saintlyseasons.com

Thanks and God Bless!