Apocalypse Paintings

It looks like the finalists have been announced for the Apocalypse Prize competition:  http://apocalypseprize.com/Finalists.html

Congratulations to them! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the entries in their web gallery in June.

In the meantime, here are the 3 paintings that I entered:

The Adoration of the 24 Elders (Acrylic and metal leaf on panel board, 24" x 24")

The Adoration of the 24 Elders (Detail)
The Harlot Riding the Beast (Acrylic on panel board, 12" x 12")

The Marriage of the Lamb (Acrylic and metal leaf on panel board, 12" x 12")

I was already a big fan of medieval illuminated manuscripts and the Gothic style, but this was a great opportunity to really research and learn how to create works of art in continuity with the conventions of traditional Western iconography. During my research I unexpectedly fell in love with some Romanesque era manuscripts and they started influencing my work. I was also surprised to find how much the depiction of Christ in Majesty from the Westminster Psalter has in common with Byzantine Icons of Our Lord, and how even the most stylized drapery seemed to correspond to real observations of how the folds of robes would fall on a form.


e lemme said...

There is a clarity in your work which I admire, a clarity of form, color, detail (like the tail of the beast- nice!) and symbolism. Let's hope they have another competition, featuring another book of Scripture!

A.R. Danziger said...

Thanks you! I worked really hard at color and composition on these because I felt like those aren't my strong areas normally.

Dean Johnson said...

I love your use of patterns around borders, in backgrounds, etc. The subtle patterning in the background of The Harlot Riding the Beast is so well-measured.

With that piece, I love the simplicity and directness of your color choices. That red has a big impact against the blue.