T-Shirt Design and Help Needed!

I designed this for a colorable T-shirt.  We are expanding on the project and are looking for specific symbols for each Gift of the Holy Spirit, but are having difficulty finding any.   Does anyone know if there are any symbols that have been used historically in art and architecture for each Gift?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


EegahInc said...

A quick scan of Sill's Handbook of Symbols in Christian Art gives the following:

Peace - Dove
Fortitude - Lion or Shield or Sword
Patience - Ox
Piety, Faithfulness - Stork
Peace - Myrtle
Chastity - Orange or Laurel
Gentleness - Cherry (maybe)
Charity - Peach or Heart or Flame
Faith - Chalice
Self-Control - Vase or Bridle

Certainly not all of them, but it might help a little.

Kevin said...

Thanks for checking. Most of those appear to be the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Does it have anything listed for these gifts: knowledge, understanding, wisdom, counsel, and fear of the Lord? (Fortitude and Piety you already listed.)

EegahInc said...

Digging a little more in the same book, I came up with:

Owl - wisdom (I should have known that one)

Lamp or Lantern - wisdom, bt also intelligence (understanding)

Bishop's Crozier - correction of vices (counsel)

I came up empty on 'fear of the Lord'

Hope that helps.

e lemme said...

I'm interested to hear what you come up with. I've fished around but was only able to find a stained glass window of the 7 gifts of the Holy Ghost by the Irish artist Harry Clarke at St. Brigid's church. There's a lamp, a sun, an eye, etc.
Mostly, I've seen that in icons or manuscripts, the 7 gifts are simply represented by 7 tongues of fire, or 7 doves, or 7 columbine flowers. If anyone recommends a good, traditional handbook or dictionary for referencing these things, please let us know! God bless.

Kevin said...

e lemme, the 7 flames or doves have been what I have found as well. I'm intrigued by the Harry Clarke window. Do you know which gift each of the symbols represent? And if those were drawn out of tradition or developed for that window specifically? Thank you e lemme and Eegahlnc for your help.