Oil Portrait of Father Coyle

This portrait of Father James E. Coyle was commissioned by the Archbishop of Mobile, Thomas J. Rodi, as a gift from the Archdiocese to McGill-Toolen High School, where Father Coyle was first rector.  Father Coyle was shot and killed in 1921 by Klansmen Edwin Stephenson.

I had only black and white photos for reference, so research had to be done to determine certain details, particularly Father Coyle's eye color.  It was discovered that his great-niece had eyes similar to his, a bright clear blue, and it is apparent in photos of Father Coyle that his eyes were particularly bright.

You can read more in this article at AL.com, or at the website dedicated to Father Coyle.


Gwyneth said...

Nice work! I know it can be particularly difficult to work from a photo reference. The interesting textures throughout make it especially pleasing.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks so much, Gwyneth! I'm glad you like the textures also.