Drawing tutorials

More news I thought I would pass on:

Brush up on your figure drawing skills. Artist Stan Prokopenko (a.k.a. Proko) has a series of drawing tutorials that are worth checking out. He has a fun style of teaching that is easy to understand and will keep you engaged in the lesson.

Start with "How to draw the head from any angle"
Also, his newest series of figure drawing tutorials will begin, today, June 17th with both free and premium content. Here’s the promo page for that series. 

Or you could simply go to his website, lots of fun stuff, never stop learning.


Vicki said...

Thanks for the reminder of Proko's great site. I have seen it before, but then I forget about it. It's full of useful information, clear explanations, and exercises. Nothing works better than practice, practice, practice, but knowing what and how to practice can help keep us from just entrenching our bad habits.

Tomas de Zarate said...

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Anonymous said...

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