An Introduction

I can't remember exactly how I first found this blog-- I think it was because the amazing author Regina Doman linked to Ben Hatke who linked to this blog-- but I've been reading it for years. (I've followed many of the individual artists' blogs, too, but because I'm one of those silly people who constantly haunts blogs without ever commenting, you probably couldn't tell).

Basically, I was so overawed by all the wonderful artists that I never got up the gumption to join the Guild. That is, until one day when I realized that I was yet again being completely silly. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? And it's always best to start in the company of people who are talented, knowledgeable and faithful.

So, yes, HI EVERYONE! My name is Shaylynn Rackers. I am 18 years old, the eldest of six-soon-to-be-seven kids in an amazing family of engineers and mathematicians. My family always teases me and says that I am their little mutant because I love art so much. They are all very creative thinkers, but because they can only draw stick figures I've had to learn about artwork from books and obsessively analyzing everything I see. I can't wait for this fall, when I will be studying graphic design and illustration at college.

I don't have a favorite art technique or art "genre" because I love experimenting too much. I think that I am the most comfortable using pencil and charcoal, though.

This is a drawing I did in October for Treasures of Middle Earth: The Hobbit Design Contest. I wound up winning first place in the Weapons category and got seven prop replicas from LotR and the Hobbit! My siblings and I are huge Tolkien fans and we are still "geeking out" about this!

Recently I've been falling in love with pen drawings and attempting to learn watercolors. I did some sketching the day that Pope Francis was elected. It's very Catholic (obviously) so I'll share some here. The rest of this sketch series is on my blog.

I love calligraphy, painting, drawing-- you name it. Most of my art is inspired by my favorite fairytales and myths, but I do love to draw everything. There simply isn't enough time to draw all the ideas floating around inside my head!

(This quote by the wonderful G.K. Chesterton is one of the reasons why fairytales are so inspiring to me: "Fairytales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.")

watercolor, "The Birth of the Phoenix"
Another one of my favorite pastimes is making jewelry, which I sell online. I also do all the graphics for Ink and Fairydust, an online magazine "encouraging faith and creativity." We're on a bit of a slump right now but will hopefully release a new issue soon.

copper grecian-style headpiece
If you want to see more of my artwork, I do have a DeviantArt account which is sadly abandoned at the moment. I'm still trying to get the hang of it as I have time and would love to add fellow Catholic artists to my watch list-- just let me know your username! :)

My main site is my blog, Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe. I post some of my artwork, lots of craft tutorials, and many random, geeky, artsy things. I also have facebook and twitter.

 I'm thrilled to be a part of the Guild. Thanks for letting me introduce myself!


Unknown said...

Nice work, it's quite polished (even the sketches are confident) It will be interesting to watch your work progress as you go though art school.

Vicki said...

Shaylynn, I am glad to see your stuff. You do lovely work, and the fact that you just keep doing it and doing it means that you will keep getting better. Congratulations on your first place weapons drawing! Good art is not just getting the forms right, it is also putting together an image that all works together as a whole, and you are doing that.

Sophie said...

Welcome! Your watercolor piece has a really nice fresh and loose feel to it. And nice work on the hand with sword, too. All the best in college. Where are you going?

A.R. Danziger said...

Welcome! Keep up the great work!

Ben Hatke said...

Hooray! Welcome aboard Shaylynn! Lovely stuff. Keep posting by all means.

Paul said...

Awesome watercolours

Mang Baroek said...
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