Study II for Big Sky, oil on linen panel, 11"x14"

After being with my infant son in a hospital in downtown Philadelphia for months on end, I just had to do another studio study of the Western Prairie. Call it a longing for wide open spaces, and a desire to return to these places that symbolize a certain sense of freedom and in a way I call home since I grew up "on the edge of the prairie." Plus I love painting the lovely and subtle forms of big cumulus clouds and experimenting with their different shapes and patterns. I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed New Year! See more at www.jasontako.com.


Anthony VanArsdale said...


Sophie said...

This really does capture that wide open feeling of the prairie. Nice colors too. Where did you grow up? I worked in South Dakota for awhile, where I grew to love the prairie.

Jason Tako said...

I grew up in Minnesota, near the prairie.