a contemporary Nativity

Catholic Digest was asking for submissions with a Christmas theme for its December issue.  I thought I'd submit something, but I misunderstood the parameters, and by the time it was supposed to be in, I had only just begun.  But I had started something, so I figured I might as well finish it.

Many of the artists of the past painted scenes from the Bible as if they had taken place in their own day.  It makes the Bible story more real when we think of the people dressed in familiar clothing and going about their lives in venues that we can imagine and understand.

I think Mary and Joseph would have identified with migrant workers  in run down rooms, and other people at least temporarily without homes and at the mercy of strangers.  


Sophie said...

Interesting!And a nice composition. I wanted to submit something but had another illustration due and did not have time.

Anna Elissa said...

That's a very nice painting! It looks like a scene set in Asia or South America. I can easily relate to it.

Vicki said...

Thank you both.
Anna, you are correct. The reference photo I was working from was from South America: Bolivia, I think.