Carthusian Monk

Hello everyone! I'm new here, though I'm a long-time reader. My name is Amanda Danziger. I've worked for several years as a graphic designer, and now that I've become a full-time mom (one toddler, one baby so far), I've been slowly assembling an art portfolio in my spare time in the hopes of breaking into illustration.

I'm particularly interested in medieval sacred art, and those awesome woodcuts from old missals. I usually work in pen and ink, though sometimes I branch out into printmaking. Here's an etching of a Carthusian monk, inspired by the first scene of "Into Great Silence."

Happy feast day of St. Bruno, founder of the Carthusians!

A photo of the print "Entering The Silence."

A photo of the etched plate. Acid is a little scary!


Gwyneth said...

I love the ethereal quality of the print! Keep up the good work.

A.R. Danziger said...

Thank you!

J.R.Howley said...

Fine work. A world soaked in glossy color needs this.

Anonymous said...

Are you selling prints?