Holy Face of Mary

A commissioned small oil painting, based on an image "drawn by an Italian mystic" in the Pieta Prayer Book.

It frustrated me that the book does not name this mystic, or give any other information, and I couldn't find the image anywhere else! It is lovely, though, and was a challenge to interpret. 


Dr. Thursday said...

Wow, I think that is lovely.

It would be interesting to see what the application of "forensic" art-techniques to this image would provide in a 30-year-old MALE... maybe using the shroud image for a guide. (Yes, somewhere I've seen one made from it, meaning in the pre-passion state.)

George Tautkus said...

Wasn't this the picture St. Bridget of Sweden drew from her visions of the Blessed Mother? I'll have to dig out the pieta book at some point to confirm. Maybe the credit is left out in some editions. Talk about drawing from life!