Femininity (new member's work!)

I am a young woman desiring to restore an appreciation of real femininity and sacredness to our culture in whatever way I can! I am new to painting and I am new to this blog. All constructive criticism (and any prayers) are welcome.

(detail of a larger painting)


Mary MacArthur said...

Interesting wispyness, if that's a word. What medium is the top one?

mmatins said...

Acrylic on paper. Thanks for viewing!

Sophie said...

Hi! You certainly have an admirable goal-one that's much needed in our culture.
Notes on the work: Top one--I like the light against the dark values and and beginnings of a luminous effect. I think you could soften the whole painting, maybe make the edges of the dancers more ethereal--more fluffy at their tutus. I think you could also soften and lighten at least parts of the background because it competes right now with the dancers for attention. YTou could also vary your color a bit more-more different flesh tones, etc. The vertical elements of the background do not fit with the grace of the dancers.
The bottom illus has a nice woman dancer, but check the proportions of the man. You may also want to refine the painting with more variation of color and more detail/modeling in the figures.
Hope this helps.