Working with Wax

Lately, in spare moments, I've been working on correcting a wax casted version of my Madonna and Child statuette.

The original version of this piece was sculpted in clay in 2008 and a mold was made from that, but the mold was faulty in some ways. The biggest problem with the original mold was that the Christ Child's face was damaged, but there were other small problems as well. Most of the problems were discovered when, with the help of Reed Armstrong, I cast a resin version of the statue. With the wax version I hope to correct the problems and make a new mold. Wax, I've learned, is not my favorite material to work with.

Here are a couple pictures:

If you're interested in seeing more of the process, there is a longer post about it on my blog, with pictures of the mold, the original clay version as it was created, and even the little terra cotta sketch I started with.

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